Revolutionizing the energy sector with web3 solutions

Keon app connects you with innovative Web3 applications designed for the energy sector, empowering you to become an active participant in the decentralized energy market. Join us in shaping a more sustainable, efficient, and transparent energy future.

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Welcome to Keon

Keon Energy aims to allow individuals and businesses to actively participate in the emerging decentralized energy market.

Our solution connects you to a range of Web3 applications designed specifically for the energy sector, helping you take advantage of the opportunities presented by the global energy transition.

Together, we’re building a sustainable, efficient, and transparent energy future.

Benefits of Keon Web3 Applications


for Everyone

Keon helps to increase transparency in energy transactions by providing a decentralized, secure and transparent solution.


Decentralized Energy Market Access

Tap into the decentralized energy market and become an active participant, driving change and shaping the future of energy.



Utilize the power of blockchain-based smart contracts to facilitate seamless and secure energy transactions.


Peer-to-peer Energy Trading

Engage in direct energy trading with other users, promoting a community-driven and decentralized energy marketplace.


Real-time Energy Data

Make informed decisions with access to real-time data on energy consumption, generation, and market trends.


Security and Privacy

Rest assured with the highest security standards, safeguarding your data and transactions within the platform.

Decentralized energy for eneryone. Now.

Pioneering a Sustainable Energy Revolution

Decentralized energy is the future of sustainable energy production and consumption. Enabled by blockchain technology, it allows individuals and communities to become “prosumers” – both producers and consumers of energy.

This shift towards decentralized energy promotes a more sustainable and resilient energy system, reducing our reliance on centralized energy providers and fossil fuels.

Additionally, blockchain technology ensures secure and transparent transactions, creating a trustless system free from manipulation. Decentralized energy has the potential to transform the energy landscape and empower individuals to take control of their energy needs, promoting a greener, more equitable future.

  • Energy Prosumers
    Energy Prosumers
  • Energy Providers
    Energy Providers
  • Energy Communities
    Energy Communities
  • eMobility
  • Renewable Energy Assets Owners
    Renewable Energy Assets Owners

Experience now the future of energy in 3 easy steps

Download the Keon App

Download the Keon App from the Play Store or App Store. Create your Keon Energy account and securely connect to the decentralized energy market.

Explore Web3 Applications

Discover and access a range of innovative Web3 applications tailored for the energy sector. Trade, invest, and collaborate with other users to shape the future of the decentralized energy market.

Experience the Benefits

Unlock the advantages of the energy transition, such as cost savings, transparency, and sustainability.

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Take control of your energy needs and join the movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.